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Ice Pack VS Water flooding ice pack

Jun. 20, 2020
Ice Pack VS Water flooding ice pack
TypeIce PackWater flooding ice pack
ContainsGel type:Food grade phase change materialsGranular type:Food grade phase change materials
Weight260g25g, after watering 400g
AdvantagesEasy to useEasy to store and does not take up space
How to useFrozen for 8~12 hours everytime before use.1.Water fill in before frozen;
2.Frozen for 8~12 hours before use.
Warm duration1.Normally 2~5hours;
2. 50℃  3hours;
3. 70℃ 1hour.
Cooling duration1.Normally 10~18hours;
2. With 2 or more ice packs 24~36hours;
3. With 2 or more ice packs and EPP box up to 48hours;.


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